FCN Meetings

FCN Meetings

The Fair Climate Network has held 8 formal meetings to date. Besides, we have met more than 20 times, in smaller groups, on specific topics and issues. Meetings of the Fair Climate Network are purely voluntary affairs, with no outside funding. Members meet their own travel costs, and ADATS hosts them with simple food, basic accommodation, and a warm welcome.

1st FCN Meeting — 14 & 15 September 2007

From 2006, an informal grouping of grassroots NGOs had organically evolved around ADATS to share CDM experiences and enable them to tap carbon resources through sharing, facilitation and handholding.

Icco/KerkinActie had a decade long experience in discussing climate change and climate justice issues with about 15,000 active supporters who collaborate with them in various schemes under the title Climate Plan.

A propitious opportunity offered itself to link the efforts of Icco/KerkinActie with the ad hoc and hopscotch efforts of ADATS to create a North-South network. To further explore this opportunity, the Bagepalli FCN Meeting was held on 14 and 15 September 2007 at ADATS Campus, Bagepalli.

This first meeting was attended by 28 participants, including development workers from every part of India and abroad. Gert de Gans and Ram Esteves explained climate change and CDM, respectively. Ram Esteves was selected as the Convenor, with Gert de Gans and as co-Convenors.

The Report is an inventory of NGO capacity vis-à-vis CDM. Click here to read more.

2nd (Mini) FCN Meeting — 9 February 2008
3rd FCN Meeting — 5 & 6 March 2008
4th FCN Meeting — 3 December 2008
5th FCN Meeting — 27 & 28 March 2009
6th FCN Meeting — 4 & 5 July 2009
FCN-EDF Collaboration — 29 January 2010
1st FCN-LCF Meeting — 1 March 2010
FCN-LCF Strategic Planning Workshop — 13 & 14 March 2010
2nd FCN-LCF Meeting — 29 April 2010
3rd FCN-LCF Meeting — 20 July 2010
4th FCN-LCF Meeting — 15th and 16th October 2010
7th FCN Meeting — 7th and 8th November 2010