What is the Tech Team?

FCN Office Opening

The Fair Climate Network has set up a Tech Team with Specialists, Facilitators and support staff, In order to handhold grassroots NGOs through complex steps to prepare Climate Mitigation Projects and avail carbon revenue for the sustainable development of the rural poor.

The FCN Tech Team has a mandate to assist only pro-poor Climate Mitigation Projects undertaken by grassroots NGOs who have an intimate contact with the communities they work with, and have open, transparent and upfront Carbon Revenue Sharing Agreements with these families and communities.

The Tech Team reports to the Fair Climate Network through the FCN Convenor and Core Group through a digitized online monitoring system contained in this website.

Developing Energy Projects

Preparing Climate Mitigation Projects requires a thorough procedural understanding of various Standards and Methodologies, as well as scientific and technical skills to choose an apt and implementable technology, study its financial viability, develop the PDD and PIN, obtain Host Country Approval from the DNA, appoint a DOE, see through Validation and register with the UNFCCC, Gold Standard, VCS or any other Standard.

Projects are developed under the strictest international Standards to measure Carbon reductions and ensure that they are real, additional, measured and verified. Technologies being promoted include domestic Biogas, Photovoltaic Lamps, Fuel Efficient Woodstoves, Drinking Water Purification, Afforestation/Reforestation and Low Carbon Farming.

DoE and Carbon Investor approved digitized monitoring solutions that meet EB Standards have been developed for all the above technologies.

NGO Dynamics Team

Grassroots NGOs have to be weaned away from the charity delivery mode to one where Primary Stakeholders are encouraged to become petty entrepreneurs. For this, NGOs have to make a major mind shift and acquire skills to think and act in a New Age Business mode. Only then can these Climate Mitigation Projects be community owned and managed.

This is not an altruistic position taken by the FCN. It is an elementary business requirement for the success of long term operations that have to last for 10, 21 and 60 years, sited at thousands of scattered locations.

The NGO Dynamics team of the FCN assists grassroots NGOs assess strengths, challenges and opportunities, and develop capabilities. They also suggest a legal and accounting framework within which grassroots NGOs/CBOs can implement Climate Mitigation Projects and trade in Carbon Offsets.

LCF Team

The Fair Climate Network is a pioneer in Low Carbon Farming. This is the incentivising or rewarding of Sustainable Agriculture practices taken up by small, marginal and drought affected farmers with Carbon Revenues.

15 grassroots NGOs have formed themselves into 3 FCN-LCF Coalitions to undertake Pilot Projects of 1-2 years in order to develop capabilities, learn skills and posit themselves to significantly scale up SA activities in their areas of operation.

LCF Facilitators assist them in conducting demographic surveys of Participating Farmers, take GPS coordinates and delineate Discrete Plots, develop SA Package of Practices (PoP), Plot Diaries, and assist Farmer families to undertake Sustainable Agriculture practices.

The LCF Expert and Research Assistants, under the supervision of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), New York, provide cutting edge science to prove Emission Reductions through Scenario Development, and setting up GHG Labs for various Main Crop(s) in 11 different sub Agro Ecological Zones (AEZ's).

LCF is directly monitored and supported from Bagepalli, by the FCN Convenor, with ADATS providing a live demonstration.

Icco provided a generous start-up grant to set up the FCN Tech Team and cover its running costs for the first 4 years. As a result, free orientation, training, consultancy, facilitation and handholding were provided by the FCN Tech Team.

This supported phase got over in mid 2012. The Tech Team now operates as a financially viable social business enterprise, on an "at cost" basis, under the aegis of the Fair Climate Services Pvt. Ltd., which is the legal holder of the FCN Tech Team.

On the advice of a working group and legal opinion, FCS Pvt. Ltd. was registered with 6 persons of impeccable integrity as Directors. All of them had made an intrepid contribution to take the Fair Climate Network to its current position. The Objects of the FCS Pvt. Ltd. are:

  • to render services, training, consultancies, domain expertise on climate change, environmental and sustainable development sectors and capacitate NGOs, CBOs and other grassroots bodies, undertake climate change and environment related projects.
  • to promote, campaign, lobby, advocate and build public opinion on Climate Change issues.
  • to invest and finance greenhouse gas mitigation projects through spot and forward purchase/sale of emission reductions globally, undertake audits, validations and verification, open and operate accounts and registries in Emission Trading Systems, market and trade in carbon offsets.
  • to itself develop and implement pro-poor emission reduction and environmental projects.

The Tech Team obtains its relevance, as well as client-base, exclusively from the FCN. Unlike other FCN Members, the Tech Team is not an independent entity. It continues to be answerable to the Fair Climate Network, drawing on the collective synergy, operating under the direction of the FCN Convenor, and answerable to the Core Group.

Services will be provided through 3 sequentially phased stages as follows:

  • 1st Phase

    Assist to choose apt and implementable technologies chosen by grassroots NGOs that can be interpreted as Climate Mitigation Projects, and generate carbon offsets.
    (applicable for grassroots NGOs who wish to explore Climate Mitigation Projects and carbon revenues as a strategy for pro-poor sustainable development).

  • 2nd Phase

    Develop Project Design Documents (PDD's) and submit for registration under CDM and/or Gold Standard and/or VCS.
    (applicable for grassroots NGOs who decide to develop Climate Mitigation Projects).

  • 3rd Phase

    Assist NGOs in developing NGO/CBO structures and systems for Project Implementation & putting Monitoring systems in place, as per registered PDD requirements.
    (applicable after the Carbon Financer has been identified for the registered Climate Mitigation Project)