Youth Internship Programme (YIP)

With a growing emphasis on the need for sustainable development, we believe that students from diverse educational backgrounds should get an opportunity to work in this field. The green-jobs market requires a multidisciplinary understanding of complex environmental and social issues, which cannot be obtained just through the formal education provided in our schools and colleges.

Sundials in the Shade

Young people have aptitudes, talents and strengths that they are often not even aware. Too many of them unknowingly hide their "sundials in the shade". Our endeavour is to cast a light and thereby put these strengths to work.

In order to encourage youth to participate in social and environmental development activities, FCN has launched its Youth Internship Programme (FCN YIP).

Who can Apply

Graduates/postgraduates from any field of study, with an interest in rural development and environmental issues, and can devote 6-9 months of their time to a project, can register. Interns should be prepared to stay and work in rural environments, as most grassroots NGOs are situated away from major cities and towns.

This programme, however, is not for students who have to compulsorily do an internship as part of their curriculum.

Intern Registration

We will soon put up an Intern Registration Form on this website. You can give information on yourself, your (hidden) aptitude, skills and strength, language command, what you are currently doing, when you would like to intern, for how long, health issues, etc.

You will be able to submit this Registration Form, online, along with a 500 word essay on:

  • Why you want to Intern
  • What you hope to Gain
  • What are your Career Plans

Why is this Useful?

Interns will get the rare opportunity to do real ground-work, in some of the most vulnerable areas. The experience they get here, will prepare them for a career in rural development, and give them interesting perspectives on the diversity in India, both economic and social. Additionally, this programme will help identify a pool of talented individuals, to fill the gap between policy-making and implementation in rural India.

Where will you be Placed?

You get to choose where you want to intern!

The Network Members page of this website is linked to short write-ups on each organisation. Please go through these descriptions to see where you would be interested to work.

From there on, we will negotiate each placement on an individual basis. The nature and timing of work, distances to travel, living conditions, food, accommodation, internet access, etc. vary from organisation to organisation. Some will be willing to pay pocket money, some wont. But your health and security will be fully taken care of.

Interns should be willing work and learn simultaneously, and contribute to work of the organisation.

We will stay in constant touch with you through regular reports, emails and letters you can share with us, and visits we can make to your place of stay and work.

Need to Know More?

Contact Tashina Esteves and Rahul Sharma at We'll be happy to receive your emails and:

  • Get to know you and your ideas
  • Discuss the YIP concept in greater depth
  • Together design the Format by which interns register online through this website
  • Develop a questionnaire for grassroots NGOs to fill out

As has been written elsewhere in this website, "Nothing is written in stone!".